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released September 12, 2009



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Long Spoon Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Laura Goldhamer - Lion
too bad fingertips have blackened
habits have gone slack and old age I've attracted it
good thing I have got this dress on
let this be a lesson in the work day reckoning
one day we'll achieve a balance
surpassing our parents, exceed dreams and fantasies
been too hot to lay a hand on
talented but random, this is how I am undone
no loss only bet a dollar
that is my best offer, take this car or better yet
why, yes, here is my life savings
silver and gold shavings, observe its inflating rate
still too much to carry with me
as I leave this country money will just hunt me down
cause I've been frivolous and careless
hesitant to share this, what good are confessionals?

in church, I would be embarassed
like foreigners in Paris, everything is heresy
cause I've got faith in modern science
an error not to have tried it, find proof it's miraculous
one cell soon to be divided
replica's been sighted, must have been enlightenment.

someday we will stop this music
not sure who will use it, played for whose amusement
when it ceases to be honest
the difference will be sonic, not just in subconsciousness
announce my act disappearance
I'll be there scalping tickets, magically then profiting
what i'd give just to be impressive,
your secret I will guess it, weight and name respectively.